ATypI: Mexico City 2009 (programme)

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Received a few minutes ago:

The first cut of the Mexico City programme is now online.
Details and presentation will improve; registration should be available in the next week or so.
Looking interesting: the first three days (the 'main conference') are in a single track with often short presentations. The last two days, which combine TypeTech and a series of longer workshops, has several things going on at the same time and the opportunity to engage in depth.
Mark Barratt
Text Matters

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Some texts should be fixed or updated, but it gives a clear idea of it. Anyone comments?

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I think it will be a great conference. But I'm not sure what sort of comments you are hoping for. Are you just wondering who is going?

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Thanks for answering, Tiffany (I was beginning to believe that I was alone on this, ha). Well, I was hoping for any kind of comments: who is coming would be fine, but I’d like to hear what do you people think about speakers, themes, workshops…

I don’t know, maybe I am the only guy who has waiting for this info and just wanted to share (though the info is incomplete by now, so it may be early to decide if you are going to attend).

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I thought John Hudson had started a thread about ATypI Mexico. I can't seem to find it.

Well, I think it looks like a great conference, as I said, and I know Roger Black and the rest of the board have been hard at work on this one for quite some time.

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Hola Cristobal,

It looks like a fantastic conference! I really would like to be there.

Specially with You, Gonzalo, Paco, Gabriel and Quique. Enjoy it!

un abrazo

p rovalo

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Looks like a great conference, I'll be there! I am planning on wearing a huge embroidered sombrero and a red, green and white FB poncho if anyone's looking for me;=)


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Hope to see those on sale at fonbureau soon!

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I shall be there with FontShop cohorts! Some good visitor info in this SF Chronicle story: The savvy have little to fear in Mexico City

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Also registration has now opened...

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And the programme is updated, too.

List of speakers here.

@Stephen: great link, thank you. Good to know you are coming.

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A map of important conference venues, interesting locations and nearby hotels is now available on Google Maps.

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Tickets available and updated stuff.

Waiting for the always–entertaining Erik Spiekermann to confirm/announce the subject of his talk and really looking forward to hearing yours Cristobal!


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Karen Parry and I just booked our hotel (Gillow) - I am so excited so see everyone! Arriving a couple of days early and of course staying a few days late.


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I'm going to travel to this other side of the world too. Really looking forward – also to meeting some more of you guys/girls in person!

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