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I'm trying to find out if anyone else remembers a one-panel newspaper cartoon from the late 1960s or early 1970s in which the characters were, well, "characters." That is, they were letters and numbers who spoke, and the joke was that they were puns about themselves. There was no continuity from day to day, just a different pun about the characters depicted.

A couple that I recall:

There are two capital letters, and the one on the right (a G, I believe) has a subscript 2 next to it. The letter on the left says, "Hey, George. Who's the cute little number?"

A lower-case e is speaking to an ê with a circumflex, wearing it like a hat. The e says to ê, "I like it. It's got a certain je ne sais quois."

Am I imagining this, or does anyone else remember this cartoon? I would love to find examples of it.

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Something like this?

Did a quick search for "typography cartoons" and found it here.

I know nothing more...


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I found it! It was called PIXies, drawn by cartoonist Jack Wohl. It was a daily single-panel strip, with Sunday being a series of several single panels. This article tells about it. When I was very young, I thought it was hilarious. I guess that meant I would grow up to have an appreciation for type.

Some sample Sunday strips I found:

Apparently the strip was popular enough to warrant the creation of bubble gum cards:

And Mr. Wohl also collected some of his work into a book back in the '60s. (It sold for $1 back then. Amazon.com has used copies now for $5.)

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Great find!


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