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thoughts on a logo with sub-brand

Hi All

I'm hoping to get some objective opinions on these logos. Obsidium make occupational health and safety tracking software, Omni is their product. There will also be variations of the Omni software packages - Omni Health, Omni Safe etc. which will need to be dealt with.

I'd like to know what you think of them technically, and how you think they will work as we expand the identity online and in print. They will be predominantly used online.

Thanks, I appreciate your help.


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To me the kerning in the Obsidium logo needs work. Obviously it is tight intentionally but I feel that it could be cleaned up in a few areas. For example the spacing before and after the last lowercase "i" should be evened out in my opinion. It is just so slightly off that it looks neglected. I would also do something with the dot on the "i" so that it either interacts more or less with the "d," the way it just grazes it ever so slightly bothers me. Finally, I would reconsider the "um" at the end, I feel the way that they overlap rather than but up next to one another makes it look a little awkward.

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Firstly, the master brand, I'm not too sure about the selection of a typeface like futura for a tightly kerned logo like this. The ascenders feel unnecessarily tall and the round dots on the i’s seem to work against what the tight kerning is trying to achieve. Tight kerning tends to work better with very strong and easily identified letter forms but to be honest I’m not sure whether it works in the context of oh&s software. Also, considering that ‘obsidium’ is most likely a latin word and not one used by most people in any kind of daily context, I think it makes the legibility of this logo vital in the consideration of it’s design. The fact that this logo is intended to be predominantly used online, makes me more concerned that the very, very tight gaps around the second ‘i’ will most likely blur and further reduce the legibility of this logo.

Now to ‘omni’. The relationship between the ‘o’ and the ‘m’ is interesting but personally I found it quite distracting, it looks as though it might be trying to illustrate something. Either way, it really places the focus on the ‘om’ and the ‘ni’ appears almost secondary. The kerning through the logo is once again a little uncomfortable. The fact that as a brand they seem to bear no real resemblance to each other raises some real questions, I’m wondering if this is intentional?

It would be good to see some more development to see how the sub brands would behave in the overall brand structure.

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The kerning is definitely out of wack here. Needs a lot of work. Good luck with the d & i! Stop stealing concepts off hair salons and vodka bottles!

It looks good, 10 years ago.
This style feels a little over done these days. Remember, this logo is meant to last them another 5-10 years! I don't think the concept of joining the o & m suits this product either. Plus it's too heavy on the left of the logo.

Sorry.I like the colour though...