Fontographer is ignoring me

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Joined: 9 Aug 2004 - 8:35am
Fontographer is ignoring me

I set all the kerning/spacing in Fontographer Metrics Windows as I wanted it but after generating the font in TrueType format and trying to use it in any of my programmes (Photoshop7.0,
Illustractor 10 etc.) it seems to have not recognised any of my alterations. In fact it appears exactly the same as if the ‘Kerning Checkbox’ in the Metrics Window was UNchecked but it isn’t.

Any help would, I’m sure be extremely useful and greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Nick.

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Joined: 2 Aug 2004 - 1:48pm

“Fontographer’s is ignoring me” — 

Nick — don’t feel bad. Fontographer is an orphan. Try FontLab (hey Adam what about comission ? :-) )

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Joined: 3 Dec 2002 - 7:36pm

H B M,

commission is possible :-) Go to , join our Associates program, build your URLs as they should be and then refer people to the FontLab site using your own URLs. :-)

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.