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i was playing with my 3d app to make sort of looping baground for a client and i found this

what do you think? Too much like Swisscom or different enough

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We're now expected to animate our logos? Oh crap, this is going to get really complicated. Don't let anyone I design for see that. Thank you.


(and I think that was the name of the fake airline used in Airport 1975. I think.)

steve mehallo

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The Swisscom logo is alright when you see it animated.
But I went home for a holiday last year and saw it
for the first time on Phone-booth (beeth?), buildings etc
it just doesn't work for me. If you haven't seen it animated
it will be hard to get the connection to communication and/or
Switzerland (ok there is half a swiss cross in the icon).

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@mehallo: i promise i won't send this to any of your clients :))

@agostini: i like the swisscom logo and i have the same problem, i cannot find a good way to make a static logo. But it's just experimental, not a client's job, so i don't have to hit my head on the walls to find a solution :)

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Its great..!!

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Its different. I like this design- which 3D software did you use for the gif?

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:-) I had to laugh about mehallo’s comment :-)
Swisscom Logo is fine. But the website is crap in my eyes…

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It is really outstanding job

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