slowprint eNewsletter Vol 2 Number 1 - now available!

We've just released our latest (Ok, months overdue!) edition of SlowPrint: the nEwsletter!
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This issue discusses the production of some recent work, updates to the SlowPrint Studio toy box, and gives a short opinion on the web fonts discussion (well, not like you haven't heard enough about that ;-)

Slow Print Studio (nee Exquisite Letterpress) is a typographic letterpress shop, dedicated to the finest possible impression of the typographic letter. We're completely digital, but also hand-tune every PDF* for perfect letterpress reproduction, adding stroke weight to glyphs, adjusting spacing of mouse-type, etc. *(in consultation with the designer of course!)

Thanks for great designs, comments and ideas from Typophilistas!
Keep them coming!



Peter, you need to provide larger images! ;^)

Specifically the picture of the piece using all those lovely fleurons.

Hi TIffany!

How's this!?
The final folded size of this cover is about 3x5 inches.
These shots are straight from the press sheet, of course ;-)
Printed on Hahnemuhle Copperplate Etching Warm White 300gsm, on the 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill.

Adobe Caslon flowers (arranged by yrs truly) with a illustrated "E" from an ex officina Plantiniana edition of "C. Cornelii Taciti Opera qvae exstant" in our library. Letterpress for Typographers! - semantic strategies for the web - Galena, Illinois

Peter, that is really lovely. Did you ever see the stuff Gerald Giampa posted on his site?