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Bolonewt hits Paris!

User Dominique Massot sent a storefront photo and flyer for the new shop OLIVARI at 8 rue Littré, 75006 Paris France, featuring one of my old free fonts: http://Bolonewt

It works wonderfully on this shop sign, but Bolonewt is a font I made many years ago, and as proud as I was of it then, knowing what I've learned since then makes me think it looks like ass.

The curves don't blend into the straights right, and the "s" is frightening! So, I'm determined to fix it somehow.


Congratulations. Go and visit Olivari's site. The store looks really nice and in the panorama, you can see your font on the back wall, above the shelves.

Sadly it appears Olivari's website is gone. I have no idea whether it's still in business, but five years is a long time for a small retailer, and many fail much more quickly than that.

I wish I'd been able to get a screenshot of the interior panorama while I had the chance.

You can still find your font on the site of the designer that had made Olivari's site: http://www.dominiquemassot.fr/index.php. There is a copy of Olivari's site at the url http://www.dominiquemassot.fr/olivari_old/galerie.php (the shop closed in 2011). You can still make a virtual visit inside the shop.