A legible handwriting typeface

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Hello all,

I have been reading these forums for a while and have found the discussions invaluable as I develop my skills as a designer. I am creating my first typeface and would like some feedback.

I am new to type design, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please, do not hold back on your criticism (it's the only way I'll learn).

~Ezra Katz

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Has a similar feeling to Jos Buivenga's "Diavlo".

Additional thoughts: The flattened bottoms of the letters look too artificial and constrained. Which for a font that's supposed to suggest the influence of the hand - it's jarring.I'm not sure what you can do to fix that as it seems to be a major structural design in your typeface.

Hopefully others will be able to chime in with how you might solve this issue.

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