Experimental font "Fraktura"

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i´m trying to mix a fraktur font with the futura to get the "fraktura". Alot of work ahead but i´m really interested in your opinion.It´s just the first try to see if it could work...

thanks for your critique!

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This reminds me of Jonathan Barnbrook's Bastard. One gut reaction, though, is that the X looks like a swastika. (Sorry.)

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I think the emphasis on the circle is the wrong direction.

Fraktur capitals are enlarged uncials rather than ornamented Roman caps.

Unger Fraktur offers several advantages as a model. It was developed in Berlin. It was Paul Renner's preferred fraktur when he used one.

Good luck.

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thanks for the comments!

I know that it is not really like a fraktur. But I wanted to keep the geometric futura style
like stright strokes and round circles and just give it the flavour of an blackletter/fraktur font.But i see what you say about the circles!Some work some not I think...maybe I should take some diffrent sizes to get more possibilities.

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A textura might lend itself better to a geometric, modular-ish reinterpretation à la Futura/Kabel than a fraktur.

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updated lower case plus changed the x (for political reasons)!:)

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I really like this.

Are you still working on this? There are some things that bug me like the M and W having the one vertical stroke that breaks their balance. The V as well but it bothers me a lot less.

I think its legible yet deconstructive and industrial. The upper case B I have trouble making out a bit but besides that I get all the characters.

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Nice alphabet. Some of the letters are actually reminding me of posters from Sci-Fi Movies but regarding to readabilty I have some suggestions.

In the alphabetical context I can read all the letters. But when I imagine seeing them in practical usage I have problems with some capital letters (the lowercase letters are all working for me).

B: Almost looks like "G". Maybe try to make the upper shoulder like in "R" and "P".
I: Can easily be confused with an "L".

I don't understand the concept behind the roundings of your capital letters. Sometimes the thick roundings are a fundamental part of the letters (like in "C", "D", "G" ...) and sometimes they are just decoration (like in "E", "F", "H" ...). Nevertheless you have thin roundings (like in "O", "Q" ...) that are a fundamental part of the letter. It seems too inconsistent which conflicts with the idea of geometry. Might it be possible to use thick strokes for fundamental parts and thin strokes for decoration? This way the "E" e.g. looks like a combination of a vertically flipped "D" and an "E".

I agree on what pentapus wrote about "M" and "W".

One more thing -> maybe flip the "t" vertically to give it a more typical look.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you "Fraktura"

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