(x) Columbia 250 - Trajan, Aldus {Romesh, Metadox}

I’m interested in both the letters and numbers used for “Columbia 250” but I’m most interested in the font used for the numbers — thanks!


Meyer Solny

Columbia 250.doc (24.1 k)


Excellent — many thanks!


Doble o nada

Trajan Bold actually, and not stretched but letterspaced. Dunno about the 250 though.

The figures are from Palatino.

I actually think the figures are derived from the very similar Zapf face Aldus. At the junction between the straight and curved parts of the “5”, the curve starts upward before it goes downward in the Palatino figures, but in the sample and Aldus, the curve just goes downward.

I’d agree that the figs are from Aldus.

Many thanks, all!

Obviously a newbie ? — how could one purchase, say, Aldus Roman, and still have access to the Aldus OS figures?

Some fonts come with OS figures built into the normal uppercase/lowercase set, but most of the ones from the giants like Adobe and Linotype have a separate small caps/OSF font for each weight that you have to buy for an extra $20. If want to recreate the logo, all you need is the small caps/OSF font ($20), but if you want the full set of roman, italic, and SC/OSF, you’ll have to shell out ~$57 on MyFonts (there’s also an Italic Oldstyle Figures, for an additional $20, but if you’re trying to save money I wouldn’t buy that unless you find yourself with a specific need for the figures in italics)