A Free Font in Paris

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A Free Font in Paris

My wife finally talked me in taking her to Paris this summer.

Somewhere between the Louvre and Sacre Coeur we stumbled on to the Galeries Lafayette, a giant unbelievably luxurious french department store. I was shocked to see the place was just dripping with the font Ashby that I designed several years ago. It was used on just about every sign and banner and display in the place.

Ashby is the second font I ever created. When I couldn't get anybody to distribute it, I let it go free. With no EULA or anything -- like a big dummy.

Even though I'm the designer, I had never really seen it in use so much. It does look pretty good for the most part. But I see now it has a lot of silly errors. When I was working on it, I was obsessing on making the whole thing completely evenly weighted and I really could have used better judgement that I didn't possess at the time. Even the accents are the same stroke weight as the glyphs and that looks pretty funky especially when set in French.

The Galeries seem to be a serious business so I am surprised to see them using a free font off the web so heavily. But If they are going to use it like that, I would love to work out a pro version of Ashby for them that looks a little more professional. And maybe not quite so free.

Any ideas on how to get hold of their art department? And somebody who hopefully speaks english??