Calluna released

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Finally after 1.5 years of not always intense labor the release of Calluna is a fact. Be sure to have a look at the PDF specimen. Hope you like it!

It's available at

Calluna_specimen.pdf268.86 KB
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Bravo! Bravo Bravo!!!


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:-) Thanks x3!!!

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I am not sure which is prettier... the flower of the common heather or your font.


Edit: That is a compliment by the way : )

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Excellent! Congratulations.

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How cool, Chris! It's soothing my type senses :P

I understand, Michael :)

Thanks, Stephen & Bill!

Forgot... if you (think you) like it, do give the free regular a spin.

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And there was indeed much rejoicing. I hope you sell a million licenses, Jos.

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Congratulations, Jos! I’ve had a chance to really look Calluna over, and if anyone is on the fence about buying this one, trust that it would be a bargain at triple what Jos is selling it for.

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Congratulations, as well. It looks excellent. I agree with Mr. Puckett—it is a bargain.

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If I could sell a million licenses I would just offer 'm for a dollar :)

Thanks, James & Steve! I'm curious if other people will think so too.

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Congrats! Looks beautiful.

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Thank you, Craig!

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Bravo, bravo! This is looking fantastic! I'm still amazed how lovely your italic is!!

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Looking great! Congratulations Jos!

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Way to go, Jos!
Just printed it out: the reading flow is great, don't worry about it!


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Thanks Ben & Brian!

I didn't worry about the it, Fábio :-) It was designed to flow.

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Well done!

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First of all, Calluna is hot like wow! Absolutely beautiful! The directional serifs work so well with the spiky serifs. And the result is not distracting at all, very easy to read.

Second, the two Rumi poems in the specimen are priceless. Wonderful way to show off Calluna's love for poetry. And not just any poetry, but poetry from one of the greatest poets who ever lived, East or West.

Third, your talent is unstoppable. I haven't met a typeface of yours I didn't like. Your work is worth far more than you charge for it.

Thank you for pouring more beauty into our lives.


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Very well crafted. Congratulations!

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Rahim, thank you for your overwhelming compliments! Fortunately I can pass some credit to James [Pucket] whose suggestion it was to encorporate the poems from Rumi (& Dickens) in my specimen.

Thanks, Satya!

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Jos, this is another beauty of yours. Straight to the shopping list!

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Thanks, Mili.

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I highly recommend it! It does great multiple umlauts :-)


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Excellent work. Flow, to my untutored eye, is fine.
Banging on Myfonts door right now.

Thanks for you efforts.


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Wonderful! Must find a project to justify snagging this one!

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That's nice, Chris! Curious what Mili thinks about the Finish umlauts. They have the same height and size as the dot on i.

Very welcome, John.

Thanks, Darrel. Hope something will come along.

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That is why I was joking with Mili, Jos :-)


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About umlauts, my first impression on the MyFonts sample page was that they were a touch high. After downloading the regular for sample purposes I compared it with some other serif fonts and changed my mind. I like the size of them and I think they sit very nicely, better than most, the sameness with the i dot is good in my opinion.

This weird sentence means "My aim at Easter is to eat mämmi in Töölö day and night". Mämmi is an Easter dish and Töölö part of Helsinki.

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Thanks for the lovely sample, Mili. And for your opinion. Never saw that many umlauts in one sentence :)

@ Chris: Thought so. But too late :)

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That's a really nice serif. I like the overall smooth feel. :)
Will you make italics for the Light and Black weights?

Goed gedaan en ga zo door! :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Think not, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe if there is a big enough demand.

Dank voor de vriendelijke complimenten!

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The famous Mämmi which people love :-)

Thanks for sending umlaut heaven words, Mili!


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Thats a nice roman you have there Jos. Beautiful work!

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Nice one Jos! Loving italics, ligatures.

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Great Work! I really love the serif. Congratulations.

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it's beautiful.

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I see that Calluna is already up to number 6 on the "Hot new fonts" list on MyFonts! Congrats on a well-deserved success!


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Thanks all. Very much appreciated!

@Chris — I noticed this morning :) Thx!

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Thank you, Mike!

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Calluna just reached number 2 on the "Hot New Fonts" list at MyFonts after only a few short days on the market!

Being number 2 makes you try harder so I expect the number one status will be achieved in just a few more days!

Go for it, Jos!


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The #1 on the hot list is also #4 on the bestsellers. Calluna is no Museo, Chris :)

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But the #1 is nothing special. I don't see what the market sees in it.
Oh well, we labor for the love of what we do.


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If we were to strand on a desert island we probably would spend a considerable time drawing letters in the sand. (After we did HELP).

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We would at least do HELP in CE and smallcaps :-)


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I can imagine you two drawing and redrawing the HELP over and over again, get the kerning right…

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and then the wind would blow it away :-)


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