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New Release, Edita: a legibility workhorse

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Veronika Burian's picture
Joined: 8 Jul 2006 - 5:41pm
New Release, Edita: a legibility workhorse

TypeTogether is happy to release this gorgeous font family, designed by Pilar Cano. It is a gentle typeface, humanistic in concept yet with a contemporary feel, where softness and fluidity play a very important role. Originally intended for art, design and architecture books, Edita can graciously work alongside photographs and images alike, producing an amazing synergy. Furthermore, Edita is a legibility workhorse, whether it is used in a few paragraphs or in a 600-page novel.

Available exclusively in our online store More info here.

Harald D's picture
Joined: 25 Feb 2011 - 2:18pm

Dear forum of experts on typography.
I find this design very intriguing. It seems to me like a fresh typeface with a slight “soft roughness” to it, but subtle enough for it not to stand out too much in longer text, but to present a body copy in an modestly elegant way. (No, I try not to promote it, I try just to describe my associations.)
BUT: I am by no means an expert, rather I merely appreciate good design. So I can’t really estimate how others would perceive it, an anonymous ‘uninformed recipient’. I would like to make us of this font in a bit more conservative environment than the indicated “ art, design and architecture” field. Although definitely not as conservative as legal or banking. My concern is, would this face “stand out” too much by itself as a “too different than normal” typeface and therefore distract the reader? Would it appear as unexpected?

I hope somebody can give me some estimation. Thank you very much.