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I don't know how "news" this is (it certainly was to me), but you gotta check out this killer font commissioned from Rodolfo Capeto for Houaiss, a Portugese-language dictionary publisher:




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The sans-serif companion is awesome.


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Hello. As I was telling Hrant, this is really not
'news'... I did this basically in 2000, and the book
was published in 2001.

If you're interested, there's a huge gif here - the
normal weight only, but it also shows the italic -
and a small gif here showing the general scheme of
vertical proportions. Be aware that this face was
designed to be used at around 6-7 pts.

Paul: thanks. I hope to put up a decent showing of
that heavy sans one of these days (the PDF Hrant
pointed to is not "under my jurisdiction").


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Great work Rodolfo, I never read nothing about this font on typografica (Brasil) but it was great Hrant show this wonderful font. I like all the variation (Serif and Sans) . We already talked by typographica but we didn't cheer information betten us. So Rodolfo nice to see you again and see you soon.

Grande fonte Rodolfo !! espero partilhar algumas curiosidades e informa

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Typophile is a primo "ponte", baby!


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