Today Font

Hi can anyone identify this font?



I think it looks like Helvetica Neue that has been vertically stretched a bit. The angle stroke on the top of the t seems off, but the letters look quite close to Helvetica to me.

- Mike Yanega

I don't think it is any version of Helvetica. That lowercase "a" top arch doesn't come down and end flat like Helvetica. The bowl of the "d" has a straight side on the right, whereas Helvetica's is round. The top of the "t" is cut at a diagonal unlike Helvetica's.

Trade Gothic or News Gothic is closer but still not there.

Interesting, the "o" is slightly egg-shaped to my eye. I wonder if that's a feature, or a bug.


Those are good points Tom -- I can see my choice was off. The shape of the 'a' bowl is what pushed me towards Helvetica, and the tail of the 'a'. The Trade/News Gothics don't have those. Maybe it's a different foundry's approximation of Helvetica?

- Mike Yanega

This is pre-Helvetica, I'll bet. A grotesque/gothic, not a neo-grotesque. My closest matches are Venus and Monotype Grotesque.

I think its Vonness Light designed by David Berlow released by FB.

Venus, from URW++, Linotype and Scangraphic are close.