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Hey guys,

I'm developing an logo for a restaurant project.
icE is a modern bar and restaurant targeting 20-30s, higher wage bracket clients
ambient nightclub atmosphere, serving exotic foods and arctic cool beverages.

any crits and feedback would be great.


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You will not get the clientele you're after with that for a logo. It's too bright. Think either darker, or completely white. Like ultra dark charcoal with a fine crisp ice blue type. Or Completely white, like blind embossed text on a white business card.

And lay off the cheap effects such as drop shadow and the like.


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Honestly, this looks like it was thrown together without much thought, which does not say "higher wage bracket" to me.

What is your reasoning for the different amount of space on each side (and the top) of the 'E'? Also, why is the 'i' the same height as the 'c' (no optical correction)?

Do some sketches by hand first, come up with a concept, then hit the computer.

- Lex

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I agree wholeheartedly with Penn and Lex. Nothing about this is modern or high end. Seriously - time to start fresh!

Try looking around in an affluent retail center at signs and product logos - observe what speaks to the "higher wage bracket" before you even touch pencil to paper. Look at jewelry and watches, browse through Prada, note all the lines and surfaces, the types of fonts, and imagine the logo for "icE" fitting into that environment. Then, sit and sketch out at least a dozen rough ideas - before you even turn your computer on! You'll be glad you did.

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ok guys thanks for the input

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