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Extended lowercase only sans

Hi, I was hoping somebody might have some ideas on this one, it looks butchered to me.



I think it may be a modified Helvetica. The 'a' tail has been clipped, as has the 'y' tail. The 'k' was re-drawn, and the 'r' has had its arm extended. Of course, I will laugh if someone finds a font that exactly matches this. I have been told that the more changes you need to make it work, the less likely it is to be right (Occam's razor?), but sometimes...

- Mike Yanega

In that case, let me suggest applying some sort of razor to the 't' of PL Brazilia Three :-)

- Lex

Good one Lex!

- Mike Yanega

Looks good to me Lex, thank you for your efforts and to everyone else who had a look for me.


I like Brazilia. Nice ID.