Helvetica meets Futura?

Hey all,

i'm urgently looking for this font.
Someone told me it was NimbusSanPUILig, but i can't find that Nimbus.
All other Nimbusses are not the same.

Notice the Helvetica-like R and the Futura-like Z



Nimbus Sans Novus is the URW equivalent of Helvetica Neue, and the Light weight looks a lot like everything but your Z. Actually, I think you were exactly right -- I think they used a Z from Futura. What simpler way to 'customize' a font?

- Mike Yanega

thx for your fast reply!
just bought it but it's still too different from the font(s)that is/are used. (for instance the U is much wider and the E much smaller.
Also tried with helvetica neue...
pretty weird, can't imagine the designer used letters from all kinds of fonts for a small sentence... :s

What does the sample represent? It has clearly been tightly spaced for a reason, such as style, or space saving (not legibility, I would say). It's possible that more than the Z was borrowed from another font, or that some graphic manipulating was done for artistic effect. This might all have been done with fonts that were at hand, and if the weights matched, then why not mix them to create something new?

I suspect designers often do this, and it creates challenges for Type ID Board members :)

- Mike Yanega

Bowfin; to anwser your question, 'Nieuw Zuid' (New South in English) is the name of a district/neighbourhood in the city of Antwerp ('Antwerpen' in Dutch)..

When doing a search for this image I only came across the 'Nieuw Zuid' part, which design seems to also be used on http://www.laundryday.be/

To add to the list of fonts that could be used, the U seems to correspond with Myriad Pro Condensed

To me, "NIEUW ZUID" looks like Avant Garde, and "ANTWERP" looks like Helvetica.

- Lex

it's from Laundry Day indeed.
i'm making and ad for it since the graphic designer of the poster has no time.

just got in touch with him, it is indeed a costum made font based on Nimbus Sans Novus.

i just went with Nimbus, since there was a deadline and the designer is on holidays.

thx for the help!