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typography studies abroad

i've just finished my four years of graphic design studies (plus i'm working on an israeli first dergree in the israeli open university).

i really want to study typography in an insitute (not in israel), but i can't find any programs. offcourse, i'm not talking about one or two seperate courses, i'm talking about respectable full-time typography studies.
could some of you please give me some names or links to such programs?

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I believe that University of the Arts London (formerly known as London College of Printing) has a good reputation, but the answer to your question depends on how you define and wish to practice "typography." Display, book, information, type design…

Additionally, now that you have finished your undergrad, do you wish to study this at a graduate level? That significantly narrows your search. If it's at a graduate level, I would recommend considering who your supervisor might be to assist you in your search, unless it's an entirely course based program in which case it's not as important.