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hello! i would really appreciate your feedback on this. i started with syndikat as my school project couple of years ago. it was planned to be a caps-only display typeface, but it stayed untouched on my disk for a long time. recently i decided to get back to it and i redrew all the caps and got some ideas for lowercase as well. i quickly drew these semiangular-semismooth letters and i think they work quite well. i almost completed the thin and the heavy extremes and i'd like to interpolate three styles in between. syndikat will have the standard character set of a text faces with small caps, maybe special initial caps, few set of figures and so on, but its function should be primarily display.
what do you think?
thanks, ondrej

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i forgot to mention: after interpolating the middle weight, i will remove the tapering from it, so the second lightest style will be interpolated completely without it, and only the second heaviest will keep the reduced tapering.

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This looks like a bunch of fonts that are out there already, but some of the angles you've chosen for the bowls (for ex. a, g) are rather nice. I like the bolder weights more.

I'd consider rounding the outside corners of the sharp-angled letters like N,W, etc.

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