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Years ago I had a document where Freehand replaced a font with Adobe Sans, and that looked pretty cool. I'd like to re-create that effect now, but I don't know if that would still work – instead of ATM I use FontExplorer X, it also has Adobe Sans installed. Does anyone know how I can get InDesign or Illustrator to replace a certain typeface with Adobe Sans now?



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If you have FontLab you can generate a specific instance of Adobe Sans - then give it a New Name like Adobe Sans Fat or Thin - then generate and load it as a new font. This works with other MM fonts and everything I have tried to get multi masters installed in current versions of Adobe apps have not worked - such as putting font in app specific font folder, or into app package font folder etc.

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It's quite easy to get Adobe Sans or Adobe Serif to display in Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Just make a PDF where the fonts are neither embedable nor the base 14.

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Ah okay, I will try that and see what works best. Thanks a lot Bojev & Miguel!

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