ID these Art Deco Fonts?

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Working on an art deco themed exhibition board celebrating 75 years of a building and would like some help id'ing some of these fonts on this example. Any and all fonts id'd would be great. Your help is certainly appreciated.

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The "Normandie" part is close to Garage Gothic,
the other text looks Futura/Neutraface-ish, the latter even has the unique Q.

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Hi Lathen,

no fonts involved, this was all done by hand.
Check out Mark Simonson’s Mostra Nuova. It has a number of alternates, including the circular ‘G’ with horizontal bar, and the ‘Q’ with the centered vertical cauda.
For ‘Normandie’, Block Gothic is the closest font I could find.

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Thanks Florian. That is very helpful indeed.

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