A Number of Typefaces I've Designed Semi-Recently

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A Number of Typefaces I've Designed Semi-Recently

I thought I'd share the specimens of a couple typefaces I've designed for various reasons over the last year or so. Most of these started life as custom lettering in logos or other projects, which were then expanded into fuller character sets. I would have posted this in the critique section but it didn't really fit into any one particular sub-form. Hope that's okay. :)


An idea somewhat inspired by Akizdenz Grotesk, combined with an irrational network of 90 degree angled lines and an inline-inscribed o.


An ultra-retro, ultra-geometric display face designed to be so uniform and stylized that text is virtually unreadable. I created it for the purpose of embedding text elements in my designs that would be seen but not necessarily read.


Inspired by how I'd imagine motorbike license plate lettering might have looked in a snow-covered Soviet Bloc country during WW2. Somewhat inspired by American wood type as well, in the way all characters are constrained to the same width, whether appropriate or not (as in the case of letters like M and W).


Metrobloc's evil sibling. Based on the same idea, but meant to look sharper, colder and less human.


An outgrowth of some lettering I did for a custom logo project a while ago. Contrasts a traditional serif with some slightly more contemporary ideas. Its most important feature is the mismatched serif style-- straight on top, but curved as if italicized on the bottom.


Ultra-retro lettering for another custom logo project grew into a full character set. This was never meant to be the world's most original typeface, but I decided to go ahead with the complete set when I realized I wanted to give it A and V alternates in the style of Avant Garde (which I included for M and W as well). Has come in handy for some lighthearted retro-themed projects.

Better descriptions can be found here, along with a lot of art pieces that put them to use: http://www.alexvaranese.com/