Plan B

Any ideas? Looks like the smaller stuff is a lighter weight of the large.


Did you look on Lineto?

That's what I thought too… it sorta has that vibe. I couldn't find a reasonably close match there though.

I didn't look for myself. I was being lazy. Now I'm ashamed.

Oh don't be. To be honest, I gave up halfway through (the way they organize their fonts is so adverse to systematic searches!), and only went back for the rest after you mentioned Lineto. So it's a team effort, kinda.

tiff, you're allowed to be lazy sometimes :^p

I looked there, too. I think Lutz Headline was close, but the I was wrong.

I think it’s OCR-B with stroke added for the bold (and less for the medium).

OCR-B ... Plan B ... makes sense.

Yes, I checked Lineto also and drew the same conclusion.


It let me think of [[|Garaje]] by 256TM.

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

Curious, where did you get the image?

Or better said: Does anyone know who did their identity?

Found it (via the links on the Plan B site): Elektrosmog in Zürich.
Their web site doesn't seem to like deeplinking, so go here:
And then select WORK > ARCHIVE > PLAN B FILM.

Thanks for the link Nina... ewww the splash image on esmog website is pretty gross.