Plan B

Any ideas? Looks like the smaller stuff is a lighter weight of the large.


Did you look on Lineto?

That's what I thought too… it sorta has that vibe. I couldn't find a reasonably close match there though.

I didn't look for myself. I was being lazy. Now I'm ashamed.

Oh don't be. To be honest, I gave up halfway through (the way they organize their fonts is so adverse to systematic searches!), and only went back for the rest after you mentioned Lineto. So it's a team effort, kinda.

tiff, you're allowed to be lazy sometimes :^p

I looked there, too. I think Lutz Headline was close, but the I was wrong.

I think it’s OCR-B with stroke added for the bold (and less for the medium).

OCR-B ... Plan B ... makes sense.

Yes, I checked Lineto also and drew the same conclusion.


It let me think of Garaje by 256TM.

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

Curious, where did you get the image?

Or better said: Does anyone know who did their identity?

Found it (via the links on the Plan B site): Elektrosmog in Zürich.
Their web site doesn't seem to like deeplinking, so go here:
And then select WORK > ARCHIVE > PLAN B FILM.

Thanks for the link Nina... ewww the splash image on esmog website is pretty gross.