Alright Sans finally released.

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Alright Sans is a contemporary grotesk typeface. Simple and clean, with a warm, slightly humanist flavour, Alright Sans is fresh take on the traditional sans-serif. With a robust set of typographic features and 16 styles, Alright is ready to be used for just about anything.

Available now at MyFonts, and very soon from TypeTrust and others.

Jackson Cavanaugh
Okay Type & Design
aim: hguanavacnoskcaj
twitter: okayokay

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Alright Sans is now available at TypeTrust...

Introductory sale... 20% off for a limited time.

Congratulations, Jackson! It's already one of my go-to sans.

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I really thought this font would be talked about more. I suppose it just strikes a chord with me -- it's everything I like about Gotham, News Gothic, and Whitney all rolled into one, and the price and EULA are just right. The only reason I haven't purchased a license yet is because I really don't have a reason to -- I just want it!

I drop by every day just to look at it...

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I like this font very much! It's somehow simple and elegant! Love the thin weights!

Just wish MyFonts could put this on sale!

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Pretty nice. Good work.

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