Is there room for (logo/web)design in industries and factories?

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Is there room for (logo/web)design in industries and factories?

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I would like to hear your opinion about something that happened to me.
I am a graduating designer, and I was looking for some people to offer my services to.
I came across the company website of a family's friend company, and I found it ugly and disturbing.
Here you can see some screenshots of the website and the logo. I blurred some parts to make them not recognizable, but I think you can get the overall feeling.


Last week we met this friend at a dinner, and I kindly offered him the chance to have him redesigning / modernizing his website and logo.
Shortly, He said stuff like "the logo must rest the same" and "I dont need a fancy website - everything the clients need is online".
He claimed that in his product area, he's the leader, and that, again, a "cool" website would make no difference in the number of clients that would contact him, because, with it being an industrial product which is sold to other industries and NOT to customers in supermarkets, they don't need to impress people with advertising or marketing strategies, they just need to say what they're offering, and since they offer "the best" stuff, it's fine for them this way.

I answered that there's no function without good shape and that bad/ugly communication (in this case that website) can be more harmful that no communication at all.
And that a website with a decent color palette and correct and coherent html / css language doesn't have to be "cool" or "fancy" in a negative way but could just be an improvement to this situation.

Enough said, he was not interested.

So, what would you have said to him?
Have you ever offered your services to clients from the factories world?
What was their and yours reaction?

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After seeing those screenshots I would say it's not the matter of "coolness" or "nice design" but more of legibility! Black background? Damn.

And as for "offering services"... I'm young, unexperienced and all, I'm aware of that but the one thing I've learnt so far is that when a client does not want a change, there's no way to convince him to make a change. In most cases every comment that is even slightly negative you make about his/her website/logo/whatever is treated like a personal attack. (I'm not saying that's always the case, of course)

- Filip Łysyszyn