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Logo for home goods/ design online shop

I am considering selling some of my artwork and handmade home wares online and was playing around with making a logo. The shop name would be (as you can see) "JR Home Goods," which I like because it's somewhat ambiguous allowing me to very my product range however I want over the long term.

I have two versions here, I'd love to hear what you think generally of the large letters - I started with Plantagenet Cherokee and modified some elements in both letters (more in the R). Also, which version you like better.

Thanks! I've been out of design a little while so I"m feeling rusty and your critiques will really help.

I wanted to add - I know this is really basic. I like the idea of using the basic letterform logo then being about to apply it to a lot of different backgrounds, etc., online to change things up seasonally, etc.

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I like the name, theres a tone of trustworthiness and solidness about it, something traditional and tangible.


If its art you're selling, i'm not sure that 'home goods' would resonate with me. I buy quite a lot of original paintings, prints and drawings and 'home goods' is not something that i'm after when i buy art. Although I guess 'art' is a fairly broad term - maybe home goods works for the oeuvre you're selling?


In terms of a logo, I don't think trying to integrate the JR into Home Goods is going to work well. I would explore some other options that treat the 'home goods' as more of a byline and the JR as more of a brand statement that can either stand alone or work with the byline.