newbie just a showing couple of different desings i have done in illustrator spacing is not perfect yet (copyright)

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hi im newbie to this forum been desig ing fonts in illustrator a month or so ..
but not formated yet in fontlab so it a new and trying to learn the software
i have a interest in my fonts though from some local companies and webistes as ive
but nothing big at all

so trying to get to grips with fontlab and importing here is a sample tell wot u guys think ....

ok i suck fontlab lol i do prefer illustrator...

ok dont b to harsh tho lol as ive not spaced porperly yet..

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I think you forgot to attach the samples, Jonny.

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One would have thought that an interest in fonts & typography would to some extent go well with a grasp of grammar and spelling... Don't mean to be insulting but you badly need a spellchecker, or this country's education has gone to the dogs; or both.

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yes i agree, but my spelling and grammar(dyslexia no excuse tho) is not very good..
but i will try to attach the throw up fonts fonts again...
i do animation and design as well...

i used the icon below and i saved as a jpg image in photoshop i thought that would be the correct file format..

may b a little busy as ive not spaced anything and its a mix

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how can i remove the image put smaller one up is the image is to large sorry

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Maybe message an admin to remove it for you. A good size for these forums is 550 px wide. Or you can attach a pdf to your original post.

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ok can a pdf be any size or is that also 550px wide
were is my original post located to ..

admin i will contact them were is that located


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admin i will contact them were is that located

Mars. lol.

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You can upload a PDF. I can't speak for others, but I usually don't click on too many PDFs. Ideally, you'd upload a smaller gif/png file and if you want, a PDF for those that want to check out the details.

Also, I really don't think you need a gigantic copyright watermark on this.

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the link was to large just a mistake

there is smaller version on typophile now ok

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cheers da iv uploaded the wrk smaller ok now than alot go acve a look critic it like to hear

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