Article on the Times New Roman authorship controversy

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I just saw this article mentioned in the Font Bureau news section, and it doesn't look like anyone has posted it here yet. Titled "The history of the Times New Roman typeface," it explains Mike Parker's claim about Starling Burgess being the original designer of TNR and discusses the process behind Font Bureau's Starling in some detail. It seems pretty well-informed, with the only obvious mistake I see the common one of calling type designers "typographers." The unimaginative headline may be a Web abridgment of the original; the reporter's blog presents the title as "Fight for a font: The secret history of Times New Roman."

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Thanks for the link, Reed!

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If you ever get the opportunity to hear him tell that story in person, take it.

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Mike's primarily responsible for the popularity of Helvetica, and with Starling he's reinvented TNR. What does he have in store for Courier?

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He's working on a special version of Courier for ClearType.

It should be released in time for the resolution revolution.


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