Inter-type, a grotesk version of Recta

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Inter-type, a grotesk version of Recta

I’m looking for information about Inter-type.In the book "Sans Serif. The ultimate sourcebook of classic and contemporary sans serif typography" by Cees W. de Jong, apear the Bulletin nº 2 of Nebitype, Turín. In this bulletin we can read "Inter-Grotesk" in the name of a new Nebitype face which is being cut now and which will be available between the end fo this year and the beginning of 1966". "We have decide to make this type face available in order to meet the requirements of those customers in a type face similar to "Helvetica" and "Univers". In fact "Inter-Grotesk" is based on our Recta,many letters of which that the linear and geometrical forms of Recta are a little too soft and not massive enough

Does anyone have information about this typeface? images? typespecimen? Who designed this italian neogrotesk??