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what font? THX

thanks for your help,
even similarly looking helps a lot (i like lydian as weel),
and anybody know what category this type fits in?

just in case the attach didnt work


i guess it fits under "calligraphic"

Yes, I would say that is the right category, but there is no match I could find at Dafont, and none I could locate at MyFonts. This pushes me towards the idea that this is an amateur font that is perhaps a custom font made by the 'artist' who did the lettering.

In case you cannot find the original font, Klang is pretty similar, and could be backslanted a bit to make it more vertical.

- Mike Yanega

If you want some choices that are even less formal than Klang, Robert Schenk of Ingrimayne Type has some hand-lettered pen fonts (at MyFonts): Gretchen Hello, Xahosch, Xaltid, Balboat and Hermainita. The last one is perhaps the neatest lettering, and most professional looking. The others are less formal.

- Mike Yanega

wow thank you soo much i really spend a long time yesterday searching.
i found "klang" as well but i think its a bit to dynamic, if you know what i mean, it looks a bit italic to me.
i like "federhozen" and "post antiqua" is quite nice as well.

i will try "balboat" is nice as far as i can see.
thank you soo much for you feedback!