jonny evans fonts designed mixture ( copyright ownership me) designing ... im a begginer some 1 comment good ,crap lol

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i have uploaded the fonts . designing fonts in illustrator soon to convert to fontlab with ur guys help and support as this fontlab is new to me but i enjoy a challenge .
graduated in creative digital media at the university of teeside..

feel free to critic ok ..

sorry fomy english gammar i am dyslexic so my blogs


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the link still broken tried twice now .. agghh lol fustrating

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Convert it into rgb not cmyk...
works fine with Safari

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try again this rgb now cheers

ok nt spaced properly mixed fonts designed by jonny and no biting ok not that u would
nice 1 feel free 2 comment

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Funny and cute tail on your #2 "y" - I like! But the overall balance for the typeface seems a bit off - too high of an x-height perhaps? #3 is perhaps the more balanced of all your designs - it has potential. Your first design doesn't really appeal to me although it may be a useful experiment to keep pushing just for the learning experience.

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1st design is all all in capital letters ,

on the other 2nd two when lower loooking at case i will take a better look at the x height
x hieght just in line with the bottom part of the b, u say

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