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Hello all. I'm posting an image of a font I am working on. It's my first font and I just started reading about the font-mojo, so it's gonna take some time before this font is ready. I noticed after going through my font list that it looks somewhat like Burosama (not as classy maybe). I wanted to give it a 1930s look while trying to bring something new as well. There's a lot to do still anyway. Let me know what you think of it.

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Hi Philippe, use the Upload Attachment Instead of links. You have a big A there!

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Thanks, I tried to repost my message. Yeah the A is a bit big I guess, I'll look it up later.

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Hi phillipe

I think this needs a lot of feedback and a lot of modifications from you.
your big A is one, but there are others, let get started:

Firts, i must think that mathemathicaly your design is very consistant, but opticaly has a lot of defects.

the termination of your of your C and G is not quite right, i think you should make a diagonal cut there.

The detail on you H and T is bothering me

the round corner on your F makes the letters fall to the right.

your L looks more like an H

on your S, Y, Z, 2 and 5 the youu should drop down the center point.

i dont understand the extension of the bottom horizontal on your E, and in you S the left termination should be shorter.

you should rotate 90 degrees your X and see how it looks.

keep the good work


PD. i think you should work a lot on the optical corrections, your O should be a little bit bigger.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The S was difficult to make, I didn't want the center point to be in the middle but I might have to. As for the E, I tried to have the top and bottom extensions to be equal but I remember it made it look too "prominent", but now that I look at the other letters it might be a good idea to change it. I'll have the change the 3 or else it would look like an inverted 3.

I definitly have to reduce the A's lenght. I'll post more soon.

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The Z is too much like a 2 or a backwards 5. Don't look at the Bauhaus font, it may influence you too much.

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I'd say "Don't look at the Bauhaus font, period". In my opinion it's Benguiat's black sheep (for the name, if not for any other reason: the design is light years away from Bauhaus-stated "rationale").

I think such a "hard" design like the one you're attempting, Philippe, leaves not so much space for interpretation. You risk to fall in the obvious or to overtly charge it of the things Cristian grouped as "flaws" which would make the thing not so usable.

So, my only advice (very personal) would be to use the geometric framework you like as a basis to add subtle elements in order to increase the interest of the Eye. I.E. something like terminal parts, fake or true inktraps, modulation in some form. But this of course will send you in another direction.

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Actually I didn't look at Bauhaus. I only looked at Arial for proportion reasons (since this is my first font I didn't know what to use as a base for widths). I noticed after making the font while going through the fonts I have that it looked like a harder version of Burosama. Anyway I brought some corrections, you can now compare (top is old, bottom is new, new numbers as well).font

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Hi, Philippe,

I think that your new 7 is an improvement. But I think that your 5 is trying to be an S, or a horizontally-flipped Z... maybe the top vertical stroke should have a right-angle transition to the middle horizontal stroke, rather than a curved one.

I agree with Cristian that the center points of S, Z, 2 and 5 should be dropped a bit -- slightly above the center, to keep the top counterspaces from seeming bigger than the lower ones.

> it looked like a harder version of Burosama

I think you mean Busorama, right?

Keep up the good work!

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