vfb files bugged?

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From one to the other moment it seems something very strange happened to my vfb files. Since today I cannot install the OpenType fonts on my Windows XP system which I'm problemless generating in FontLab Studio 5. It says (somewhat translated from Dutch): "can't install the typeface (OpenType). Perhaps the font file is damaged. Aks a new one from your vendor." Going back to a vfb file from a few days ago and again generate a font without any problem does allow me to install the font. It seems a bug or something the like has invisibly nestled in my working files.

Clearing/Deleting windows' font cache as well as rebooting certain times didn't help. Using the .bak files either. Any thoughts?

Fingers crossed...

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Copy and paste the glyphs and features from the new file back into the old one, save under a new name and see if that works?

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That is exactly what I was doing in the meantime as I really need to go on with the project. It fortunately works out well, although it isn't ideally. Thanks for suggestion!

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Shiiiiiit, there it happens again: files corrupted. Anyone knows what does cause this problem? It is quite annoying.

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I know. Fontlab does.

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Ah, it seems it has something to do with kerning. When I remove all kerning pairs the problem is gone. But I don't want my fonts to be unkerned!

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Try to export to a UFO and then import the UFO into a new Fontlab vfb. That might clean up things.

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I have found sometimes that FontLab files acquire bad juju which shows up when you try to generate OpenType fonts. Sometimes, generating a PS Type 1 font, then opening it up in FontLab takes care of the problem, but sometimes it doesn't. In such cases, if I generate a TrueType font and open it, the problem goes away, but then you have to change the curves back to OpenType curves and, occasionally, some losses occur...

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Gerben reports that the Fontlab -> UFO -> Fontlab seems to do the trick.

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Fontlab -> UFO -> Fontlab seems to do the trick.

Brilliant, I’m adding that to my list of things I really shouldn’t need to keep a list of.

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Indeed, pardon me for not reporting this earlier. This 'trick' works perfectly, Claus made my day!

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