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Student logo design for project

Hi everyone,

I'm a graphic design student, and we've currently been given a project to design a restaurant identity. Now, I've chosen quite a complex theme - it's hard to describe - just think "grandma" "cozy cafe" "arts'n'crafts" "vintage/retro". So my idea is focusing somewhat on pretty decorative features but not heavily so. I don't like the tacky flowery crockery idea if you get me!

Anyway, so after a few concepts, I've come up with this (semi final) logo design, and I want to know what you think. I have had some positive feedback from peers, but I'd like some more harsh and detailed criticm, you know? I've added the full poster image too, so you get more of a taste of the look I'm trying to get.

I'm only at a rough draft stage, so not much attention to detail has been paid. I want to know if the typeface design is okay, if I should vertically align the text (I have it aligned so that the slopes of the two beginning and end initials align on an angle) or keep it the way I have it, and whether or not the bird even looks ok.

Thanks for your time :)


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I think it has a ton of potential and you're surely on the right track. The font matches both the mark and the concept rather well. I like the way the thorns relate to the font, but they're not quite unified yet. Perhaps three refined thorns would be enough?

There are some technical problems. I suggest you mock up a business card and center the logo in it, then print it at actual size. You expose so much that way! IMO, printing different sizes is a very important exercise in logo development. Logos need to be readable at two inches (or even less) and if the mark becomes a blob when it's small, it's no longer doing it's job. If it needs to be big to show off it's true character, it's just not working, either.

Lastly, the bird illustration is cute, but it feels kinda clip-arty. See what you can do to make sure it feels unique and stands out from the ... ahh, flock. There are a million ways to draw birds, so look around. A website with tons of unique bird art is:

Good luck, and keep us updated with your revisions!

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I would simplify the bird and the branch though because many details are going to get lost when smaller.

Keep up :)

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I agree with the thorn comment. Maybe a few tight thorns would be better. Less barbed wiry? I'm also not usually a fan of tracked out lowercase letters either. I don't mind them so much here, but did you try playing around with small caps to acheive the same spaced out and light effect?

In the case of the bird, I agree with the above as well. At small sizes he'll become a blob of indiscernible black. maybe try opening up the tail white a bit and the other whites throughout as well. But yes, this mark is definitely headed down a nice path.

For your poster, maybe try a dar gray mixed with a touch of color to soften up that harsh black on those soft pink colors. I think it will mesh better and feel truer with your layout