1914 Cyrillic Typefaces


I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these faces or more helpful to my purposes if they resemble or were based on any roman typefaces from the same period. They are from the Russian futurist book Tango with Cows. I can post more samples if that would be helpful.

Not pictured here are cyrillic types based on Akzidenz, Boomerang, Calligraphia and Antique Extra Condensed.




That last one looks like Romana (but I don't know of any Cyrillic versions).

- Lex

#2 reminds me of Berthold Herold. ParaType has a condensed Cyrillic version – though not as condensed as in your sample.

#1 might be Blackfriars, modernized by Nick Curtis as Drury Lane.

- Lex

#3 reminds me of Goudy Sans.

Florian's #2 suggestion of Herold Condensed is good. I also thought it looked like Miehle which was a Benton design from 1906. Dennis Ortiz-Lopez's version doesn't have cyrillic, but certainly a metal cyrillic could have existed in the 1910-17 time period.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks everyone!

I'm looking to do a visual translation of the book, so every face I can find an equivalent of saves me the trouble of deciding on a substitute or attempting to recreate it. So for my purposes a cyrillic face isn't necessary.

Does anyone know if Romana had an italic? I didn't picture it but the book contains a lot of italic of the Romana-cyrillic.

Concur re. Herold for no. 2.

The last is probably Berthold Latinskaya, reinvented in the 1930s as Literaturnaya, familiar to anyone who has ever read any textbook printed in the USSR. There is a freebie version that can be found on the various Russian font sites.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literaturnaya

Not sure about number 3 but would like to know myself. Here's an example from the pile here:

Not exact, but catches the general style of 3:


Searching for secession on google, this came up:


So #3 is a light Cyrillic version.

Also a specimen from Google books:

Try this: http://www.azfonts.ru and put in Secession.

There are three "Ivan Ivanovich" fonts that come back, and are the only ones I've found that have the cyrillic character set except for Paratype.

I'll presume you can read the Russian site if you're looking for a Russian font...