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Hello, I am new to Typophile. I am going to dive right on in and see if I can get some professional, honest feedback on a custom lettering mark I am working on for a logo.

I want some good feedback on any and all typographic rules, spacing, weight consistancy etc. Just let me have it.

I am at the point right now where I know its not perfect, but would like to receive feedback before I move forward. right now the a, e, and s bother me a bit.


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Here is my revisions

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Looks kinds retro, but I would suggest to start looking at similar fonts for ideas on how to make the letters relate to each other more. Also the r connection looks a bit too contrived like something Ford would do. ;-)

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Thanks. that is what I did with my revised version.. dunno why it didnt show with my post above. Here it is again.

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See what you are saying about the R.. hmm .. I tried to atleast transition it better. wonder if I should rework the whole R.

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I like it because it has this whole retro varsity or soda-jerk feel. Could you post a character map?

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Its nice I think less weight on the F (more thick and thin) Is this a one-off or are you doing an Alphabet

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