Seeking: a nice complement to Museo?

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Seeking: a nice complement to Museo?

Hey all, this is a question of taste. There's no one answer I'm looking for, just advice from those more versed than I.

I'm designing a site which will @font-face embed Museo for use as body copy.

The site is used for display of statistics and information, tastefully laid out on a grid. A few tabular structures. Nothing with long runs of body copy, and Museo performs beautifully at the task.

What I am seeking is a reccomendation for a display face to be used sparingly in some prominent locations. Some considerations:

* Some of these locations are large and numeric, so pretty numerals are important.
* Obviously, limited to faces which are either widely-installed (separate faces for Win/Mac ok) or legally @font-faceable.

I've been having trouble settling on one. Thus far I've liked:

* Museo Sans--usually only when set in uppercase
* Helvetica-alikes.
* League of Movable Type's (LMT?) ChunkFive. I like it more for just the numerals.

Any recommendations? What face would you use to set off Museo nicely?



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