Crewekerne, An Arts and Crafts Roman Face

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At Greater Albion we’re still putting the finishing touches to our next major release, ‘Crewekerne’-in the meantime we’ve been having some fun trying it out in ‘real-world’ applications and we'd be greatful for any feedback or suggestions.

Crewekerne offers a hand drawn Roman family intended to be in the best traditions of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement of the early 20th century. Here are two specimens of Crewekerne in action:

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I think it's a beautiful typeface of ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement of the early 20th century. Could be a very cool boutique logo design, or old packing design.

I've seen the new comeback style of the 80s and earlier in the music, design, art and such ... and since the Woodstock movie coming out, I seen a lot of 80s hippy too.

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