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Hey, guys, it's good to be back on this forum. Some time has passed since last summer, when Antonio and I were planning to start our gay Italian magazine. The idea is still there, but to test the waters we decided to start Tom as a weblog first.
I'm happy to say things are going quite well: more comments every day, a LOT of interest from the Italian gay community and this week one of the main Italian weekly magazines has a big feature on weblogs and Tom is among the very best TEN mentioned! :-)

Unfortunately for the most of you our blog is in Italian, but what may be of interest is tha I am also doing my best to build Tom as a brand concept: check out the site for one of the very first public appearances of DTL Prokyon, of which I am a proud (and much, much poorer!) licence owners. I will follow this post with a couple of flyers for Tom that I had printed, whre I used Prokyon too.
let me know what you think!
Ciao a tutti.

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Congrats on the launch - it looks sharp.
And Prokyon seems to work really well rendered in small GIFs - cool.


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Ciao Paolo --

Congratulations on the launch. Very sharp, clean and simple. In boca al lupo. Right?

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Almost perfect, Tiffany! Just add another c (In bocca al lupo) and you are all set. Mille grazie, and thank you for your help on this forum, last summer.

Hey guys! How about re-launching our old MAO (magazine addicts only) thread on Typophile 2.0?

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Or better yet, if there's enough interest, launch it as a Special Interest Group :-)

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Yeah, Jared, I think Paolo just volunteered to be the moderator...

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