Baskervillian g -- but which?

As far as I remember the book was printed in 1887.


Torino Modern might be a good digital subtitute.

Thanks, that's interesting.
The italic is a little different though.

I'm afraid I can't help you, but this is interesting type! Very relevant to a little something I'm working on at the moment, in fact. Which book is this scanned from? Does it exist in facsimile, or did you scan it yourself?

I've seen it in a little french antiquarian bookshop and took pictures of only two pages, so unfortunately I have very little information.

On the cover there is:

Bibliotheque des Écoles et des familles
Lycée de Nice
Librarie Hachette et Cie

Ah, that's going to be pretty hard to track down. Thank you anyway.

I like the open two-story g.