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Hello everyone,

Going to be taking a trip to Seattle for the first time in a couple weeks and wanted to see if anyone that lives there, or has visited before, had any suggestions for some must see spots, specifically anything design related.

Looks like there is a AIGA Seattle-Moscow Poster Show running while I will be there, going to be checking that out. Any other suggestions?


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Pike Place Market has a quirky little used-books/magazines/ephemera store that might be worth a visit. The local art galleries near there can also be worth a visit, if nothing else than for a creative recharge. You might also want to check out the Seattle Daniel Smith art store (the original Daniel Smith store I believe) if you're looking to pick up quality art/design supplies (pens, inks, paints, awesome papers, book-binding material, etc). Experience Music Project if you're into that. University Of Washington has some beautiful architecture (and artwork too).

This is starting to make me homesick...

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Some great suggestions Ben, thanks a ton. I was planning on checking out Pike Place for sure, do you recall the name of the bookstore? Anyway looking forward to visiting all these places.


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Unfortunately I don't remember it's name... But if you just wander around Pike Place Market you'll find it - I know it's down on the 2nd or third floor, tucked away in the interior somewhere.

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You can't miss the sculpture park. When I was there last, the indoor part had a Geoff McFetridge installation. But I think it is down now. Nevertheless, you can see a large red ampersand spinning on a post.

A bookstore with a nice breakfast place nearby:

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green lake park is one of my
favorite places in the world...


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Make sure you eat lots of oysters at Brooklyn Oyster House!

Also make sure you eat at Lola, at the Hotel Andra. Breakfast is especially good! Those doughnuts!

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Be sure to visit the central library - - note the closure dates :-(

The Underground Tour is well worth doing, as is a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, some good eats in Fremont (where Adobe's Seattle office is located) and my neck of the woods Columbia City, which is on the new light-rail line.

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Wow, a ton of great suggestions, thanks to you all!


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