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Does anyone know what font is being used in these images? Looks a lot like Interstate but I think there are a few adjustments.....?

Here is the link to the website, brilliant studio!

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Hey, it might just be that.
Looks very similar......

Any other ideas?

-Thank You Nunymare.

It was only a guess, though. It may have been a modified Gotham, because the 'E' is a bit different.

Not Maquette, but close.

Flama Bold is another close one but not exact, especially the numbers.

This is Reader from Colophon:

Mikey :-)

PS... I just discovered this foundry on another thread today!

Brilliant, thank you all very much for you're help.

The Colophon foundry looks pretty sweet. Thank you Mikey for the heads up.

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You are very welcome!

Mikey :-)