Logo for Self Promotion

I'm currently exploring the job market and hoping to relocate to St. Louis sometime soon. As a graphic designer, this of course becomes a project. Our resumés are judged not only by what they say, but how they look as well.

I'm trying to put together a package that includes an envelope, cover letter, resumé, business card and miniature portfolio to send out. As of now, I'm using Neutraface for the type and one spot color and black for the layout. I'm trying to decide if that is enough branding for my purposes or if I should create a logo for myself as well. I've had professors tell me as an individual it is unnecessary and shows arrogance. On the other hand, it's one more opportunity to show my skills and adds personality.

It's a tough job market right now and not a lot of companies seem to be hiring so I want to put together the best package possible to send out. I'd love to hear other opinions on this both from people in my shoes and those of you who do the hiring. Also, if anyone has any tips on good job sites I'd be very grateful.


<--- I have a logo.

Is it arrogant? I hope not.

Is it necessary? Probably not.

Does it hurt? I don't think so.

If not logo, try with a monogram. It is elegant way of saying hello and introducing yourself.