Font used on

What is this font? An image is attached to give you a preview.

Do you think they made that font specifically for the website or did they use a font already made?


This font isn't FF DIN medium, is it?

Nevermind, it's not DIN; I checked. But what font could it be?

This is the custom and not-for-public-consumption Convection from Ascender Corp:

Etelka from Storm is close tho:

Nevermind, I found out what it is called. Man, why did I even make this thread? The font is called Convection, a font made exclusive to Microsoft.

Wow, why did it take so long to submit that last comment? Really, I had typed it before SuperUltraFabulous has answered. Maybe I have a slow connection...

Yes, Good call on Etelka, it looks strikingly similar.

Which is what Mike just said.

Download and install this XBOX application, and Convection Regular will be installed on your computer. :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

It's okay, I already have the font. Thank you though.