Font used on

What is this font? An image is attached to give you a preview.

Do you think they made that font specifically for the website or did they use a font already made?


This font isn't FF DIN medium, is it?

Nevermind, it's not DIN; I checked. But what font could it be?

This is the custom and not-for-public-consumption Convection from Ascender Corp:

Etelka from Storm is close tho:

Nevermind, I found out what it is called. Man, why did I even make this thread? The font is called Convection, a font made exclusive to Microsoft.

Wow, why did it take so long to submit that last comment? Really, I had typed it before SuperUltraFabulous has answered. Maybe I have a slow connection...

Yes, Good call on Etelka, it looks strikingly similar.

Which is what Mike just said.

Download and install [[|this XBOX application]], and Convection Regular will be installed on your computer. :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

It's okay, I already have the font. Thank you though.