Some Help with Spacing please

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I designed this retro looking sans (all caps) for a logo of a client of mine, now i'm trying to extent that in to a usable font.

i'm not to bad at spacing loose words, but doing it in Fontlab with the space before and after is confusing, i have been at it for a wile, but i just don't get it, i'm doing something wrong.

so please could someone point me in the right direction, and be free criticise the design

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Have a look *here*.

Frode Bo Helland's picture – under Notes on Type Design there's a chapter devoted to spacing.

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thanks i get on to it right away, and i'll be shoing the results soon

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Thanks guys this is gold, it is starting to look much better allready. But no critisisme? i mean even i can see there is alot to be done

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It's really hard to crit spacing when there's no consistent pattern. I'm struggling with my own spacing, so I'm not sure if I'm the one to speak anyway.

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Critiquing spacing is extremely time-consuming. The only reasonable
expectation is to ask people for guidelines, and whether the font is too
loose or tight overall.


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well thanks anyway you both, i know spacing is a lot of work, but your directions did help me a lot, i noticed that my O shapes did not have nearly enough space. I wil be posting the result

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Amazing the way you choose for the tail of the Q. I wonder if that Q will work in a real situation. Although your spacing seems good, you will have to work on kerning. However, it's hard to give and advice without any sentence.

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i'm not sure about that Q either, but i'm focussing on the making all the characters, and i'll decide later what has to be adjusted, i haven't looked at the kerning either, but i need a basic spacing format to see how my characters are working. thanks for your advice i really appreciate it, shoot at it all you want!

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