Wood-type Glyphs

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I am looking for a font that has the word "at" as a glyph. "Adobe Woodtype Ornaments" has the words "and" and "of" and "the", but I need the word "at." Think old playbills and news papers. Anyone have an idea where I can find such a glyph?


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Brothers has two "at" variants:

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Handlettered Serif: Salmiak has 3.

Brush Script: FF Matinee Gothic (drop the umlaut)

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They may not all have "at", but his listing is a good place to start:

All those fonts have those kind of "catchword" glyphs, many of them with the one you're looking for.

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Finally, you might want to build one yourself. Even Illustrator will let you modify letterforms for something this simple.

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