Script/Hand-lettered Font from Food Package

We are working on a project for a client and just can't ID this font. I thought my typophile hommies might be our best shot at getting this sorted out. Of course, no one at our client knows who did the original layouts, etc.

Thanks in advance!


All o’s and e’s and l’s (and so on) are different.
It’s not a font.

Could be custom handwork as the "N", "o", "d", "e", "&" and "s" don't appear to be consistent.

Ah! that would explain a lot ... we have been pulling our hair out, but never considered that they would be hand lettered.

Any suggestions for a similar font that we can convert the package standard to?

Thank you!


Maybe something from Sudtipos?

... or from Hubert Jocham?

I think it IS a font, but it's been distorted via Envelopes or KPT Vector Effects, what it actually is though is the challenge...