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Hi there,

I'm wondering if this font wasn't based on a commercial previous design. The author gives it for free at his website:

Downloading the font and looking into, I can clearly see the Times figures there. Then, for this limited charset and lack of proper figures, I would think that this is a student/beginner/free font work. But a few pointers are leading me to think that this was based on someone else's work. For example, the right serif on F top is slightly bigger than on E - to compensate the bigger counter space - but hey, no dummy would know that...

Can you think of anything that could be the source of this?



Yes, of course it is Times...

Who cares? it's different enough from Times. There's lots of this kind of junk around based upon existing designs - it's extremely amateurish and poorly executed, and he/she's giving it away so is not going to profit from it anyway.

Nick Cooke

Well, if it was based on my design I would care, yes...

Who cares?
Great, I’m gonna mod Chevin and put it on dafont!

Perhaps not?

Mikey ;o)


I was referring to the fact that it's based upon Times, of course I'd be annoyed if somebody modified one of my typefaces and sold it.

In fact somebody did modify Gizmo and use it for Ribena packaging. Although Gizmo was obviously used as the basis for the new type, as it was significantly different, there wasn't a thing I could do about it:

Nick Cooke

I was kidding.

That’s horrible Nick about Gizmo. I bet you they never even purchased one license?

They really went out of their way. The dirtbag illustrator actually did a decent job but GSK already knew that... he or she must be the in-house person in the art department used to get around site license fees by customizing fonts from PDFs specimens or some junk.

Nick, do you really think Juicy Fresh is a modified Gizmo? To me it clearly doesn't look like it. They may have taken Gizmo as a model and copied the look and feel but it looks like it's been created from scratch, not as a modification of your font.

I thought the same as Tim. Look and feel are similar but they’re quite different in detail.

Well, yes that's true. But on first glance in the supermarket I saw it and thought 'Oh good, they've used Gizmo for that packaging' it's only on a close inspection comparison that the differences become apparent. But as you say the look and feel are similar, and it's too close for my liking.

Nick Cooke