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Audi Gets a Brand Update

The always thoughtful Brand New has a write-up of the new Audi typeface and logo.


Brand New


Wow, I'm sorry for posting that link. I could have sworn it wasn't there in your post originally. I must not have had enough coffee yesterday . . .


I’m glad this one didn’t make it:

I like the type better than the old but I don't think they should have changed the logo. The shininess detracts from its elegance imo.

I think it was pointless to change the logo... timeless logos are an important part of German Automotive traditions, just look at rivals Mercedes and BMW, neither has ever changed their logos.


Maybe this one works better at screen resolutions, they were a whisker away from using four Verdana Cap "O"s tracked -240... and this is the compromise. ;)


@imageWIS / Jon, maybe I seem to be wrong but I believe BMW at least updated their logo throughout history a couple of times. see http://www.bmwcoop.com/2009/01/11/bmw-logo-history/. After a bit more of google It seems that mercedes also did change it's logo a lot throughout history: http://www.designstrom.com/corporate-brand-logo-evolution/ (scroll down to number 16)

The brand Audi makes steps forward and they really should update their logo. Aspecially for the new audi r10 concept at least. The new logo is better - for me

The most interesting car for this year is new Audi A8. I read about it everywhere and waiting for it as want to change my current S8 for the new tdi 4.2 version!!!

Mit das girlielights?!